Omnibus Spending Bill Includes $600,000 for Trail through Pine City


The red line denotes a 32-mile missing trail link between the Twin Cities (Minneapolis-St. Paul) and the Twin Ports (Duluth-Superior, Wis.)

According to Congressman Oberstar’s Web site, the Twin Cities-to-Twin Ports trail project was one of 22 Minnesota projects to receive nearly $30 million in funding from an appropriations bill that won final approval from the U.S. House of Representatives last Thursday.   Earlier this year, the House passed individual appropriations bills to fund the various projects; however, the Senate consolidated the appropriations legislation into one bill so it would have more time to focus on health care legislation.

Congressman Oberstar advocated for the inclusion of the project, which will begin to connect the Sunrise Prairie Trail (in North Branch) with the Willard Munger Trail (in Hinckley), in the appropriations bill.   The entire  missing link is 32 miles and, once connected, it will be of the longest trails in the world connecting the Twin Cities with the Twin Ports.  

It is estimated that six-to-nine miles of trail can be created with $600,000, and that the trail will be established somewhere near the southern Pine County border and run through Pine City’s municipal limits.

Other area projects to receive funding through the Omnibus Bill (Transportation- Housing-Urban Development):

$   500,000   Northern Lights Express
$   400,000   Cambridge-Isanti Bike-Walking Trail
$1,200,000   City of Isanti Pedestrian Bridge over TH 65