Pine City Horizon Team November Minutes

Well since another meeting is coming up, it is about time I posted these minuets- I apologize they are so late.

Pine City Horizons Team
Meeting Minutes
Monday, November 16th 2009
5:00 pm Pine Tech

Purpose: Sustain the vision of building prosperity, reducing poverty – keep the “fire alive”- and coordinate Work Team activities in the community.

Vision: Welcome to Pine City where people live, work and play. Our beautiful city offers many recreational choices, community events and an active arts community. Youth are healthy, active and drug-free and a part of a positive multi-generational culture. Energy is renewable & sustainable. We welcome change that makes our community better and we welcome you to visit or stay and live here with us.

Present: Cyndy Cohen, Kathy Doenz, Kris Engh, Marcia Howard, Jan Nettleton, Sydney Rydberg, Lezlie Sauter, Becky Schueller, Becky Macki, Jennifer Peterson.

Absent: Kayla Defenbaugh, Jennifer Erdmann.

Learning About:
Marcia presented on
• Once an organization is a 501c3 they can be listed on this site
• Allows people to donate online to their favorite non-profits
• Secure

Minutes from 10/19/09
No changes needed.

Work Team Reports (Activity since last meeting)
• Everything Pine City: Becky networked with Mike Gainor, editor of the Pine City Pioneer. The Pioneer publishes the information guide each year so Becky and Mike discussed the similarities and differences between the guide that EPC wants to put out and the one the paper publishes. Becky sent the spreadsheet to the paper to help incorporate the information that EPC had collected. As a thank you, the EPC team would like the HWT to consider placing an ad in the information guide. Tabled for discussion under “Other” in the agenda, later in the meeting.
• Looking Forward – Youth: Becky reported that they are looking into before and after school programs and working with the PTO on this. The PTO and LFY team have parallel ideas but different as well.
• People Helping People: Kris & Jan reported that they met the Wednesday before and talked about have the medical/dental mobile, results of the Resource Luncheon, Pine Tech as a fiscal agent, the grant writing workshop, having the Healthy Teeth club come to town, Evergreen Church is working on being the Angel Food distribution site, Love Inc. which brings churches together. The PHP team also talked with Julie at the food shelf to start tracking homelessness, Julie agreed to begin to tract this in January of next year (2010). The PHP team has also contact Nathan at City Hall about using the old jail as a shelter, the PHP team is also going to contact the County (who owns the building). The PHP team is also looking into USDA grants for shelters. Cyndy suggested the team first start a task force around the idea. Marcia suggested contacting Pathways (has a shelter in Cambridge) for ideas on how they got started.
• Pine City Prospers: Marcia reported that Sarah from Rural American Bank agreed to conduct the More $ More Sense on Thursday November 19th. PCP team put the class in the Happenings section of the newspaper. At the class Sarah will be touching on ID theft and debt collection practices. Marketing for the class also included passing out flyers. Cyndy suggested to bring up the micro-loan program idea at the next PCP meeting because Cyndy has possibly found Brian with the UM Extension office that could help team the PCP team about it.

Fiscal Agent
Our Fiscal Agent has still not been determined. It is likely to be Pine Technical College. Cyndy met with Dr. Robert Musgrove last Tuesday, he had questions about the work plan and needed to discuss the decision with others. Dr. Musgrove had stated that the 1st year could be done at no cost, but subsequent years would be dependent on activity. Stephanie from Dr. Musgrove’s office emailed the City and Communities Investing in Families suggested either would be a good candidate as the fiscal agent, not knowing that both had already been contacted by the HWT to do so, and were turned down. Cyndy reported that the $$ is on the way because the workplan was approved by the NW Area Foundation- great news! Treasurer would work with the fiscal agent to get paperwork ready for the deposit.

The work team asked Becky Maki to serve as the Treasurer and she accepted. Becky will follow up with the fiscal agent and will be responsible for monthly reports, deposits, payments, and annual reports.

Grant Writing Workshop
Please help spread the word about this workshop on Saturday November 21st from 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM at the Hinckley High School. Cyndy has emailed everyone the flyer, contact Cyndy ASAP if you or someone you know would like to attend.

MN Non Profit Conference
• Marcia stated that Kathy from the Initiative Foundation will be presenting in Little Falls on 11/20/09 and she will ask her about the micro loan program
• Becky shared about the Emerging Leaders workshop she attended and how they talked about choosing the right “face” of your organization, implementing programs and evaluating positions. Anyone that wants more information can ask Becky.
• Jan said that the information from the conference is available online and she will email everyone the link.
• Cyndy shared that other Horizons communities were present and shared their struggles with the new Horizon communities.

Resource Luncheon
Cyndy said that the Luncheon had a good turn out with good contacts and important people in attendance. Becky shared that she sat at the table with the elected officials and that they were shocked about the poverty statistics that Cyndy presented. Becky also recommended that we conduct something similar again because a lot of important people and groups were also missing. Becky also suggested that Cyndy to the work team introductions first to aid along conversations at the tables.


Cyndy informed the HWT that there will be no Horizon program for new communities, so this means that there will be no funds for coordinators. She stated that they do not know what the future holds except that there will be funds for a Horizons Alumni Program.

Becky passed around the Funding Review Form with the point value system. She asked that everyone keep a copy in their binder. One sheet would be used per organization. Cyndy asked where comments would go.

Becky mentioned the monthly Chamber/PTC networking & learning opportunity which will be held the 3rd Wednesday of each month from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. called PANEL. The event cost $10 to attend, and it includes lunch. This month’s event will be held at Wings North.

Becky and Lezlie presented the costs of placing a Horizons ad in the information guide:
• Full page black and white = $280.00
• Half page black and white = $190.00
The team voted with no members opposed to the idea. It was discussed that Pine City Horizons be at the top, with a category for each of the work teams within the advertisement. The contact should be the PR Representative, Lezlie.

Blogging was mentioned, and Jennifer Peterson has agreed to be the HWT official blogger. Everyone that has be deputized is encouraged to blog, guest bloggers are welcome and we’d especially like to see some blogs about teen issues.