The following was posted with permission of the author, Lisa Krahn:

Tenants of Mrs. Broad's Tavern

Gentle reader, enjoy the new kitten pics and please forward to potential adoptive parents in your circles.

The next installment of the “NWCo Fur Post kittens” saga begins with the two Lady tenants of Mrs. Broad’s Tavern (our home garage) returned mortified from their excursion to the local physician, Friday last, their age having been determined to be seven months.  But the Ladies are in fine health, sassy with string, climb ladders with ease and love elevation, peep-holes, and the game of Under. (Knotted string drug slowly under a towel — irresistible for pouncing.) Today’s reward today was pork roast scraps; greatly preferable to kibble.

Lady Blackwell

Lady Whitechapel has a certain confidence in her social skills and an easy manner, so that she tends to monopolize all human attention, perhaps jealously.  The first inclination of thoughtful Lady Blackwood is to retreat from society, but with some patience and light teasing, she flowers into her own and can be silly with abandon like her sister.

My first communication suggested the two should be adopted together, but I now amend that observation to suggest that a good separation would allow them each to develop a personality more focused on & suitable to their particular new human family.  So we’re looking for two willing families in the New Year…

Lady Whitechapel

Have you fallen in love yet?? Which one will you be inclined to choose when you visit rural Pine County, Minnesota?  Did I mention Lady Whitechapel strolls on a leash?  That both have the softest, most extravagant fur??

Both Ladies have a date with Dr. Webster on the 30th of December for a final round of shots and “the surgeon’s visit.”  By five in the evening that day, both will be recovering Teletubbies, and will look forward with some urgency to their eventual relocation to a home in the New Year — yours??  We could deliver, if needed…