With Spring is around the corner, apply for a plot at the Pine City Community Garden

Community GardenReasons to have a community garden plot:

  •  Community gardens provide access to fresh produce and plants.
  •  The labor is satisfying.  Watch your work grow and take off!
  •  Active communities experience less crime and vandalism.
  •  Pine City has lost most of its agricultural underpinnings but this is a way to once again bring you closer to your food.  There is a definite connection to the environment.
  •  Show your creativity.  Choose to grow solely flowers or the types of veggies to make rare and stellar food dishes.
  •  You can donate what you grow to those in need.
  •  Help someone who lives in an apartment or with little land or ability to garden.
  •  Give the anglers something to look at on their way to the Snake River fishing pier.
  •  Bring about a sense of community.  Break down isolation and help bring Pine City closer.
Community Garden Info Meeting
Interested in a garden plot at the Pine City Community Garden? Attend an informational and registration meeting Mon., April 13 at 6:30 p.m. at the Pine County Courthouse.
For more information, email terry.salmela@co.pine.mn.us.