More public facilities improvements underway

A rendering of the completed Pine City Fire Department, presently under construction.

If you’ve been around Pine City in recent years, you’ve made a some adjustments, some popular, some favorable and some controversial.  First, there was new public works facility in the early 2000’s.  Later in the decade came the new Pine County Courthouse, which relocated from downtown to the northern freeway interchange area, followed by a new water treatment plant and by the new post office, which also relocated from downtown, but this one to the southern freeway interchange area.  The elementary school then added a new gym, media center and more classrooms.  Next, the libary underwent an expansion and renovation.  City Hall moved to the former courthouse building (the Pine Government Center).  And, now the fire hall is having its turn being rebuilt, and the armory is getting a remodel.   All this activity in 10 years… All a part of the plan.

All of the aforementioned public facilities were listed in the 1998 city comprehensive plan.  It listed the conditions of each of the facilities on Pg. 36, saying that the library, public works building, schools, courthouse, post office and armory each had expansion needs.   It gave a five-year timeframe for the library, and though the project wasn’t completed by 2003 as planned for, it happened none the less.  There appeared to be a lot of foresight that went into the city’s plan.

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