Attention Cities, Restaurants, Schools and Hospitals: Save Energy, Water and Money!

The Clean Energy Resource Teams (CERTs) have launched an innovative grassroots campaign this summer to help restaurants, schools, hospitals, living complexes and other cafeterias and commercial kitchens in Pine City save water, energy, and MONEY.  The “Make a Splash with the Water Saving Bulk Buy!” campaign will help folks in Pine City and across Minnesota increase their profits with water-saving equipment upgrades.  Now through September 1, 2011, people can sign up to take advantage of bulk-rate prices on efficiency upgrades to efficient pre-rinse spray valves and faucet aerators, dramatically cutting their water and energy use with these simple, inexpensive upgrades.

What does this mean?  Pre-Rinse Spray Valves (typically $68) cost $28 with the CERTs bulk buy, and are brought down even further to $14 with a rebate from Minnesota Energy Resources (MERC).  Typical energy and water savings for a restaurant are oftentimes $400 per year, resulting in a one-month payback–it doesn’t get any better than that!

The handiest resources for learning more are:

And MERCs’ latest press release is available at!


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