Pine City students respond to “What does Pine City need the most?”

6 thoughts on “Pine City students respond to “What does Pine City need the most?”

  1. These students ask some really great questions and have some fabulous comments about our community. This data has most likely been accurate for several decades… so Pine City really needs to look at its youth and how the community can be more supportive to their growth and well being.

  2. What was this in response to? How many kids were polled? How old are they? A little context would help a lot but it’s good to see some constructive, thoughtful answers.

    • B.M.,
      These responses come from a 2009 survey of 16-18 year olds at PCHS in preparation for the visit from the Minnesota Design Team, a volunteer group of architects, urban designers, planners and other experts in design and community development that has helped communities around Minnesota to develop and implement shared visions since 1983.

  3. Our youth are definitely saying that they need some positive things to do – there is alot of good things going on in our community – but if you are not involved in the arts or sports what is there to do.

    • The surveys were taken as a part of the Design Team’s visit in the fall of 2009 at Pine City High School with the help of some dedicated staff including Mary Ellen Sauser and Dr. Candice Ames. The surveys helped inform the Team’s illustrated community vision (if you recall, the vision boards that were put together and left with the community, available for perusal at City Hall). There is one board in particular that speaks to the “more to do in Pine City” concept with added event ideas and activities that appeal to people of a variety of age groups including teenagers.

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