MSGT Daniel Fedder honored, Rank recognized

MSGT Daniel Fedder will never be forgotten.  Most Pine Citians know that but now the State will remember his legacy as well, as he is a part of a new Memorial Wall honoring Minnesota service members killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.  The wall was the idea of Lt. Col John C. Nowicki to honor 67 men who paid the ultimate sacrifice and was dedicated Saturday at the 934th Fort Snelling Officers’ Club.  A touching KSTP interviewwith Fedder’s wife revealed how emotional it can be to lose a loved one in the military.

Heather Rank of Pine City

The Minnesota Twins are recognizing Yellow Ribbon Volunteers that go above and beyond in their respective communities this season.  May 23, they paid that recognition to Heather (Hallan) Rank, of Pine City.  According to Jessica Paulson of the Pine City Yellow Ribbon Community Task Force, they bestowed upon Rank four tickets to see the Twins that day and during the pregame,  she was brought onto Target Field’s field and the following was announced over the PA system: 

Heather Rank, the wife of an Air National Guard member, knows what it’s like to keep a family going during deployment. She is one of the founding members of the Yellow Ribbon effort in Pine City. She spoke at the city’s Kickoff event, and has tapped into the education steering committee to ensure they are meeting the needs of military kids. She has been a great spokespersons for Yellow Ribbon, appearing in a training video that is shown state wide at all Yellow Ribbon Kickoffs.  

When Pine City lost a member of their community last August, a soldier serving in Afghanistan, Heather coordinated the community to line the streets with flags during his memorial service in support of his mother and family. She is currently working hard on the deployment ceremony for the Pine City Army National Guard unit that will deploy Memorial weekend. 

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