Pine City Horizons-April Minutes

Pine City Horizons Team

Monday, April 18, 2011

5:00-6:30 pm @ Chamber Office

[Minutes in italics]

Purpose:  Sustain the vision of building prosperity, reducing poverty –keep the “fire alive” – and coordinate Work Team activities in the community.

Vision:  Welcome to Pine City where people live, work, and play.  Our beautiful city offers many recreational choices, community events and an active arts community.  Youth are healthy, active and drug-free and part of a positive multi-generational culture.  Energy is renewable & sustainable.  We welcome change that makes our community better and we welcome you to visit or stay and live here with us.

1.  Minutes from February 2011 (2 min)  [Motion by NJ, 2nd by WJ to approve minutes as reported.  Aye All]

2.  Learning About…none. 

3.  Financial Report.

[Beginning Balance $8916.85

iFound 2nd year cost share      -500.00

Current Balance $8416.85

iFound 2nd year cost share    -750.00

LightHouse donation    -200.00

Read & Run commitment 2012 -1000.00

Kettle Kinship     -300.00

Future Balance $6216.85]

4.  EPC Work Team Report

[SS reports on meeting with City Administrator Howard, City Planner Johnson and P&R’s Smetana to discuss information kiosks.  After pitching these members on the kiosk, feedback was given that Horizons should specify their pitch, more completely document the actual kiosk and leave locations open to see what emerges as best location.  Howard also referenced that the Lions were trying a similar information signage project.  After this meeting was held, Smetana and Howard also recommended the Food Shelf as a good possible location for such a kiosk.

Group discussion took place with several members agreeing that the food shelf would make an excellent 2nd or 3rd location but that the group wanted to focus on other locations that were more visible to the public in general and would appeal to both residents and visitors and provided a more comprehensive list/map of community amenities AND social service providers.

5.  Youth Work Team  [BM reports that the Family Fun Fair was attended by about 120 participants and about 35 vendors at 34 different booths.  Horizons provided nice duffle bags to EC aged students which included books to encourage reading, information about Read & Run, fun activities for kids and more.

BM also reported that she is working with a Pine Tech group looking to start a Young Parent Support Group.

The Early Childhood Coalition is focusing on trying to find a way to provide transportation to any student to attend ECFE classes.  Arrowhead transit has been contacted and already provides transport to all the Headstart classes in St Louis County.

6.  People Helping People Prosper Work Team Report

[JN reports that use of Angel Food Network is slowing and group discusses possible reasons.  SS agrees to re-post their flyer on the blog]

The group discusses moving their work team meeting to the 1st Monday of the month, immediately following the Board meetings and the team and Board agree to this change in schedule.

Finally, the group discusses plans for a community clean up effort.  This event will be called the Horizons Spring Spruce Up and will take place on Saturday May 14th at 9am (group acknowledged that it is fishing opener).  If weather doesnt permit, then this event will be rescheduled.  KE & JN will recruit homeowners who could use the help in cleaning, windows, raking, etc.  WJ will solicit retailers for lawn bags, paper towels, windex, hot dogs, chips, buns, charcoal, water, napkins and condiments.  SS will develop a flyer and solicit partners who may join the effort potentially including boy & girl scouts, 4H, Lakes & Pines Marketing, PT students, church groups,etc]

7.  VISTA Update.  NJ reports that our renewal application to the Initiative Foundation has passed through final approval and is now actively receiving applications for 2012.  6 total apps have been received thus far.

8.  Trade, Barter & Buy Update—We need another approach.  [SS reported that another partner will be needed in lieu of the CEO Club at Pine Tech.  This project will be tabled until another partner becomes interested]

9.  A Place for Us—Homelessness Coalition—501c3  [A brief update was given on the progress of the Homelessness coalition.  A Place For You is moving its next general meeting to Monday, April 25th and will be discussing job and volunteer position descriptions as well as Board seats.]

10.  Networking Meeting  [JE discussed the poverty simulation that is hosted through TRICAP in St Cloud.  She discussed who might benefit from attending and how that experience would inform the resource guide.]

11.  New Member Drive.  [the group discussed the importance of recruiting new membership.  LS asked Board members to submit a list of our desired next 6 months of Horizon’s activities at next board meeting.  SS submitted that he believed that the membership drive should be a personnel appeal to close friends and relatives of current members.  LS approved of the flyer which referenced her early days in exploring Horizons]

12.  Financial Literacy  [Group discussed that U of M Horizons still have financial education materials and educators available to do these type workshops.  LS said that Lakes and Pines is still trying to decide how and if to pursue this]

13.  [Group discussed further publicizing the blog at and SS agreed to post flyers and try to get a press release in the Pioneer.  More bloggers are also saught.  Lastly, SS would contact Bjorn to see about cancelling RSS feeds from the old blog so PC Horizons members would stop getting double emails on new posts.]

Next Meeting Dates:

Monday, May 2nd Horizons Board 5pm Chamber chambers

Monday, May 2nd PHPP 7pm Pizza Pub

Wednesday, May 11th EPC 5pm Pizza Pub

[Motion to adjourn…2nd…aye all.  Meeting adjourned 6:22pm]

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