Every day ‘Earth Day’ tips

  • Recycle all Paper (junk mail, boxes, magazines, envelopes, cereal and cookie boxes), Bottles and Cans (aluminum, glass, metal, and plastic).
  • Follow directions on hazardous product labels and store these products safely.
  • Sweep the yard and put the trimmings in yard waste can.
  • Never put yard waste (or anything – especially hazardous waste) down storm drains because they flow to our precious rivers and lakes.
  • Use less water = shorter showers, go to the car wash where they recycle water, and turn water off when brushing teeth.  Check HERE to calculate your water use.

Don’t forget, Earth Day isn’t the only day you should practice these tips.  You can:

  • Practice Earth Day tips every day with family and friends at home, work and school.

And, for fun:

Perhaps you have some useful tips to share as well.  Feel free to ‘comment’ with them.

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