Minnesota Buzz, reiterated

The top-10 most common topics Minnesotans are blogging about right now:


Followed by these common blog topics:

Advertising, Baseball, Books, Cooking, Design, Education, Faith, Health, Minnesota Twins, Nature, Parenting, Reviews, Social Media, Technology, Travel, Twin Cities & Writing.

 And, these are the other common blog topics as well:

Adoption, Animals, Architecture, Arts, Baby, Baking, Basketball, Beauty, Bible, Bicycling, Birds, Blog, Business, Children, Christian, Church, College, Comedy, Community, Conservative, Coupons, Crafts, Culture, Dining, Dogs, Drawing, Economics, Economy, Entertainment, Environment, Evemts, Fashion, Feminism, Fiction, Film, Fishing, Fitness, Football, Friends, Frugal, Fun, Funny, Garden, GLBT, God, Gophers, Government, Graphic Design, Green, Handmade, Hockey, Home, Illustration, Internet, Internet Marketing, Jewelry, Kids, Knitting, Life, Lifestyle, Literature, Local, Media,  Minnesota Vikings, MLB, MN Daily, Mom, Money, Movies, MPR, NBA, NFL, NHL, Online Marketing, Opinion, Outdoors, Painting, Personal, Pets, Philosophy, Photographer, Pictures, Poetry, Progressive, Publishing, Reading, Real Estate, Realtor, Religion, Restaurants, Saint Paul, Science, Scrapbooking, Sewing, Shopping, Small Business, Software, Spirituality, Training, Vegan, Video, Vikings, Vintage, Weather, Web Design, Wedding, Wine, Writer. 

I’m most surprised in Minnesota, “weather” didn’t make the top-10 list.  But, with so much to blog about, perhaps you have an interest in getting started.  Pine City Community Blogs is in need of more contributers to keep the information on this site fresh, current and interesting to those who see it and comment on it.  If you are interested in becoming a featured blogger, please contact njohnson@pinecitygov.com or sstevens@pinecitygov.com today!

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