20th Annual Blackboard Review

An evening of entertainment by Pine City Schools.

May 15
Shows – 4:30 and 8 pm


All proceeds go to the Pine City Education Scholarship Fund.  Each year, six Pine City seniors receive scholarships.


  • A Week in the Life of Pine City Photography Day Camp June 7-11, 2010

The North West Company Fur post is seeking to gather a group of seniors (age 62+) and school age students (grade 7-12) to participate in a week-long intergenerational camp to capture photographically the City of Pine City in the early 21st century.

Pine City was fortunate to have several professional photography studios in the late 19th and early 20th century to document our community. Many of the photos are now part of the Minnesota Historical Society’s collections. Photographs from this project will be submitted to the Minnesota Historical Society for consideration for inclusion into its collection.

Participants will be teamed up in pairs and have daily photography lessons, as well as, daily photo assignments. All equipment, materials and lunch are provided by the North West Company Fur Post.

Applications due May 15th
For more information or application please call:

Pine City Yellow Ribbon Community – Training Session

The Yellow Ribbon Campaign
Support for Military Families at the local level

Please come:
May 20, 2010
6:00 to 8:00 p.m.
Pine City Armory

For individuals who are interested in learning about how they can support service members and their families throughout the deployment cycle and beyond. It’s our community’s opportunity to synchronize efforts.

Breakout sessions will focus on:
►How Schools & Youth Organizations can Support Military Students
►How businesses can support Military Personnel & their Families in the Workplace
►Benefits, Entitlements, Support Resources & Medical Help for Veterans
►The Spiritual Needs of Military Personnel & their Families: How Faith-based Organizations Can Help
►Public Safety & Law Enforcement’s role in reintegration of Servicemembers
►How Medical Service provider can support

For more information on the event, contact
Jessica Paulson yellowribbonpc@yahoo.com
On Facebook: Pine City Yellow Ribbon Community

For more information about Beyond the Yellow Ribbon visit: http://www.BeyondTheYellowRibbon.org

Pine City Horizon Team April Minutes

Purpose: Sustain the vision of building prosperity, reducing poverty – keep the “fire alive”- and coordinate Work Team activities in the community.

Vision: Welcome to Pine City where people live, work and play. Our beautiful city offers many recreational choices, community events and an active arts community. Youth are healthy, active and drug-free and a part of a positive multi-generational culture. Energy is renewable & sustainable. We welcome change that makes our community better and we welcome you to visit or stay and live here with us.

Present: Kris Engh, Jenny Erdmann, Marcia Howard, Becky Maki, Jan Nettleton, Lezlie Sauter, Becky Schueller.
Absent: Kayla Defenbaugh, Kathy Doenz, Jennifer Peterson, Sydney Rydberg.

Learning About…..Networking Event
Everything Pine City Event, approximately 25 people attended from various civic and human services groups. It was a well received event, 8 groups went up to the podium and gave an infomercial on their programs. The event was a success and the Team discussed holding this event again in the future. One suggestion on making the next event even better in the future was to do more advertising in the Pioneer.

March Meeting minutes: Approved

Work Team Reports (Activity since last meeting)
• Everything Pine City: Everything Pine City will be meeting this week. The group is excited that they may have a local business willing to sponsor the building of the “Kiosk”. The group has been successful, short of the Kiosk, in completing their work plan that was submitted to the Northwest Area Foundation in order to meet one of the thresholds in being eligible for the $10,000.00 grant that will be received in May 2010.
• Looking Forward – Youth: This group has been talking to an individual who has approached the group regarding an after school day care program. The group is holding a “Turn off the TV” week and will have many events being held on Mon-Tues-Thurs-Friday. The total cost for the week will only be $20.00, which will include a trip to the Fur Post.
• People Helping People Prosper: The People Helping People and Pine City Prospers have joined to form one cohesive group. The individual groups found that they held a lot of common interests and that they were overlapping in the programs they wanted to bring to the community. Matt with Community Investing with Families (CIF) would like to present to the group on their Car Repair Program. Marcia will be inviting him to our May Meeting. The group will be looking at other models of this program to see what would best fit our community. MN Valley Community Action of Mankato has a car repair loan program that has developed “Black Boxes” which would automatically lock out a vehicle if a loan payment has not been made. They are willing to sell these black boxes to other groups of similar nature, cost of $50.00 each. The group is also looking at other models for a “Trade-Barter Store”, Little Falls has a Trade-Barter Store that is run by its area youth. Kathy Doenz will be researching this project.

Blog Site Update: Jennifer was not present to report. If you have anything you’d like to post on the blog send to duswindfarm@gmail.com.

Fiscal Agent
Our Fiscal Agent will be The Pregnancy Resource Center. We will be receiving the $10,000.00 grant in May. THANK YOU Pregnancy Resource Center!

Americorps VISTA Update
This week Nate and Marcia beefed up the Job Description. Nate, Marcia and Kris Engh need to complete the interviews by May 31st. They are putting additional resources into advertising at local colleges such as Cambridge Community College and Pine Technical College. So far there have been 2 inquiries, 1 from Duluth College and 1 from the Pine City Area.

Other Business: Due to the combining of People Helping People and Pine City Prospers we are finding it necessary to change our Work Team Agreement. The Work Team Agreement currently states in the “Infrastructure of the Team” that the Team will comprise of two representatives from each Work Team”. Our dilemma now is that we have 4 representatives from (1) Work Team present at the meeting. The change will be made under “Decision-Making Process/Team Culture” under the first line item – the first line item will now read:

• Each Team will have 2 votes. Teams with more than two representatives will choose two voting members and the others will abstain.

“Closing Event”
The Horizon “Closing Event” will be held at the St. Cloud Civic Center on Saturday, April 24th. From Pine City Horizons the attendees will be Kris Engh, Jennifer Erdmann, Jan Nettleton and Jennifer Peterson.

Next Meeting will be Monday May 17th, 2010 at 5pm at the Chamber of Commerce office in the old courthouse.

Meeting adjourned at 6:00 pm.